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Prostate diseases, treatment….

  • About the prostate

    Location of the prostate

    The prostate (prostate gland) is located between the bladder and pelvic floor (which forms the external sphincter muscle).  Directly behind it lies the rectum.
    It has the size and shape of a chestnut.
    The urethra passes through the prostate. Flow Into the prostate flow the deferens canals, the ducts of the seminal vesicles into the so-called colliculus (“seminal hill”).


    The prostate consists of glandular tissue, muscle and supporting tissue.
    As a Gland as it produces a milky fluid, which is necessary for the mobility of the spermatozoa (sperm). So it takes over the "Catering" for the sperm. About one-quarter of the amount of semen is made of this liquid.
    Together with the internal (bladder neck) and the external sphincter muscle, the prostate gland provides the ejection of semen to the outside.

    mod. nach H. Gray:  Anatomy of the Human Body
  • Assessment and diagnosis
  • Benign diseases
  • Malignant disease
  • Treatments
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